IDEA believes that Self-Reliance is the best defense. The defence and internal security industry in India is in a nascent stage and there is ample scope for expansion. When India is on a growth trajectory, there is considerable room available for new entrepreneurs coming in through strengths in innovation and competition.This is expected to spur the sectors towards a more efficient and effective mode of operation. Likewise, there are cases where quality is critical and vendor base is very narrow.Defence industries are still regarded, principally, as a part of a country’s arsenal: a repository of goods, services, know-how and manpower from which a military can draw in times of conflict. The Government intends to be open in publishing Defence Capability Plans which are intended to increase suppliers’ confidence about the shape of future demand. At the same time as being customers of the defence industrial sector, governments frequently play a sponsorship role, helping firms to survive and prosper. Governments, even in free-market societies, obviously give some direction to the private sector as a whole, not least by investing in infrastructure, making provisions for education, providing state funding for research, giving tax breaks for corporate research-and-development spending, and so on. They also often provide information about foreign markets and support sales campaigns in different areas.

IDEA as an institution will provide vigorous andethical forum for information exchange between the emerging defenseindustry and the government. It will be providing its members with a voice in the shaping of technology solutions influencing external and internal security issues.Membership offers a source for business intelligence and networking opportunities through the association’s events andmeetings organised by the working divisions.