IDEA is growing and strengthening its capability to deliver significant impact in bringing about indigenous content into the systems in the hands of our security forces.The membership will be made up of medium and small corporations, research facilities and service providers including techno-legal entities– as well as education and government organizations.India’semerging academic, research, technology and entrepreneurial resources are particularly important to the nation’s Defence and Internal Security efforts. IDEAwill serve as an interface for these sectors, along with the broader defense-focused corporations, in their work with government departments and agencies.IDEA will take advantage of the unique innovation ecosystem that exists, by reaching out to companies and organising events and activities that leverage technologies, processes and capabilities that have not traditionally been applied within the defense industry.We are constantly asking what we can do for our members to earn their trust and learn how they can contribute to the greater good of the security industry in the country.

Our Vision

  • Idea Complete situational awareness on Technology and Manufacturing Readiness of Indian Defence Industrial Base leading to Defence Acquisitiuon – No matter how complex is the process
  • Idea is the voice for Defence Industry to connect with the Aquisition community through professional development, unique programs, and support initiatives.
  • Idea balancing Defence Industrial Capability and Capacity.
  • Idea can connect you for successs.

Our Mission

Idea Educates The importance of Power of Security Technology,  advocates for national defence, supports total Indigenous Defence Industrial Base extending to Internal Security.